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About us

As a mid-sized company with a highly motivated and quality orientated staff we are flexible enough to meet all requirements of our customers under the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM). With this strategy we have become the sole-supplier of many world world famous companies. Our supreme capabilities are documented in awards like "Supplier of the year" and periodic rankings as a "class A-Supplier". Short processing time, quick response, reliability in quality and processing as well as extensive consultation on new projects and questions of valuation are our strength.

The organization of our company is built upon the IATF 16949.

The production is controlled by a modern ERP-system, so that any lot can be located and its state of production ascertained at any time.

The high standard of quality is given by SPC. According to the requirements of our customers all measurements can be certificated. All protocols are scanned into a digital archive. From there they will be available on demand for the next 15 years. A fully airconditioned calibration room with all necessary devices is available for comprehensive testing and measuring.

Our company has a world-wide reputation for "Total Commitment to Quality" and the satisfaction of our customers is our greatest asset.

The company is a certified quality supplier to american, european and asian customers and has received numerous high quality ratings.

Specific know-how, investments in the latest technologies, training of employees and our demand for the highest level of quality are available to support our clients in the international competition.

We are always trying a permanent increase in performance to decrease the costs, to make optimal use of resources available, reach a zero-defect rate with stable processes and to protect our environment by preventing pollution wherever possible.
Challenge us. We are looking forward to work with you as your reliable trusting partner.

Dr.-Ing. Jan Batal

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